What’s the EU’s rule of law problem, and what’s it doing about it?

The Department of Political Science and International Relations in the framework of the Assistant Prof. Ms Evangelia Psychogiopoulou course “EU Institutions and Governance“, organized an event titled:

“What’s the EU’s rule of law problem, and what’s it doing about it?”

The guest lecture took place on Friday 2nd June 2023, at 15:30, in Room 1.

Featured Speaker: John Morijn, Professor at the University of Groningen

John Morijn is Professor of Law and Politics in International Relations at the University of Groningen. He is also Commissioner at the Dutch National Human Rights Institute and a Member of the Dutch Advisory Council on Migration.

The lecture was held in English and it was followed by a presentation of the “Our Rule of Law (ORoL)” project by Elene AmiranashviliZuza Uba and Anna Walczak.

Elene AmiranashviliZuza Uba and Anna Walczak are students of International and European Law at the University of Groningen and co-founders of the student-led initiative “Our Rule of Law (ORoL)“. The aim of the initiative is to create opportunities for students to learn about democratic backsliding in Europe from leading experts in the field and create a platform for students to take part in defending the rule of law in Europe. Their latest project, the “Our Rule of Law Academy”, gathered 45 Bachelor students from 25 countries who conducted research on and developed policy proposals in 11 different areas of European Law under the supervision of 22 rule of law experts.