EUMENIA kick off conference

The EU-Middle East Network in Action (EUMENIA) was kicked-off on 19 December 2018. All partners gathered together for the first time at the University of Peloponnese in Corinth, Greece to discuss details about the working programme of EUMENIA. Three main activities were identified namely Education, Research and Dissemination which will target students and academics, think tanks, civil society, NGOs as well as various policy makers and officials.

Education activities will include:

  • Teaching Exchange Visits
  • The gathering of relevant syllabuses and articulation of a comprehensive curriculum for EU-Middle East Studies
  • Recorded videos and policy lectures on specific topics

Research activities will include:

  • Organization of an academic research workshop
  • A Handbook on EU-Middle East Relations
  • Working Papers on EU-Middle East relations
  • A sentiment analysis

Dissemination Activities will include:

  • The organization of public events by all consortium partners in their respective countries
  • Webinars and live chats which will bring national and EU officials and policymakers closer to the students and our societies