Student Advisors

The Department of Political Science and International Relations offers academic advising support. Each student is assigned an Advisor and is encouraged to contact him in order to get aware of questions about course selection and specialization as well as studies planning.

During the academic year 2019-20, the student advisors and the student groups are the following:

Student name (Α-Ω) Student Advisor
From BISHANI G. to ΑΡΓΥΡΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ Α. Sotiris Vandoros
From ΑΡΕΑΛΗ Σ. to ΓΕΩΡΓΟΥΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ Κ. Antonis Klapsis
From  ΓΙΑΒΑΣΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ Ε. to ΔΕΛΗΓΙΑΝΗΣ Ι. Sokratis Koniordos 
From ΔΕΛΙΑΔΗ Δ. to ΖΩΓΡΑΦΟΣ Ε. Vassiliki Lalagianni
From ΖΩΝΟΥΔΑΛΗ Γ. to ΚΑΡΑΜΠΕΛΑ Β. Panagiota Manoli
From ΚΑΡΑΝΤΖΗ Α. to ΚΟΛΟΚΟΤΡΩΝΗΣ Κ. Konstantina Botsiou
From ΚΟΛΥΒΑΣ Α. to ΚΩΤΑΝΤΟΥΛΑ Δ. Nikitas-Spiros Koutsoukis
From ΚΩΤΣΙΚΟΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ Κ. to ΜΑΝΑΛΗ Χ. Εmmanouil Papazoglou
From ΜΑΝΙΑΤΗ Α. to ΜΠΑΚΟΥΡΗ Η. Vassilis Pesmazoglou
From ΜΠΑΛΗ Α. to ΝΑΣΙΟΣ Σ. Sotiris Petropoulos
From ΝΑΤΣΟ Μ. to ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΙΔΗΣ Χ. Sifis Plimakis
From ΠΑΤΤΑΚΟΥ Μ. to ΣΑΚΚΑ Β. Sotiris Roussos
From ΣΑΚΚΑΣ Κ. to ΣΤΑΪΟΥ Δ. Nikolaos Tzifakis
From ΣΤΑΜΑΤΑΚΗ Α. to ΤΖΩΡΤΖΗ Ε. Charampos Tsiliotis
From ΤΙΜΠΙΝ Ε. to ΦΕΓΚΑΪ Α. Εfstathios Fakiolas
From ΦΕΡΕΝΤΙΝΟΥ Α. to ΨΥΧΟΓΙΟΥ Χ. Αsteris Huliaras