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The Department of Political Science and International Relations offers a coherent curriculum that consists of a series of core modules as well as two directions that each student can choose from: (a) Political Science and (b) International Relations. At the same time, the program is supported by a number of academic and other activities, which further enhance the knowledge and skills of the students of the Department. Among other things, PSIR is a pioneer in area studies – Balkans, Middle East, Africa, East and South Asia – as well as in issues such as the European Union and European Policies, organized Civil Society, public policies, public administration, immigration, gender and equality issues, etc., thus promoting an interdisciplinary and internationalized profile of graduates.

Both directions offered by the Department offer a particularly wide range of possibilities and career prospects. Already, graduates of the Department work, among others, in public bodies (Parliament, Ministries, Public Enterprises and Organizations, regional and local government, etc.), in the private sector (e.g. consulting companies), in research institutes, in public benefit organizations, in the media, and in international organizations.

Studies in both Political Science and International Relations are an excellent “basic” education so that graduates can staff a large number of jobs in a large number of fields but also proceed to a postgraduate training course specializing their profile.

The main professional directions include:

Public Sector Bodies
With an emphasis on staffing ministries and central government bodies and taking on advisory roles, PSIR graduates have a wide range of options for working in the public sector. Graduates of the department can work in positions related to the design and implementation of public policies, in a number of bodies in the wider public sector. Respectively, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the departments of International Relations of the Ministries are looking for candidates with a background knowledge directly related to Political Science and International Relations.

International and Regional Organizations
 Graduates of the Department can join a number of services and agencies of the European Union but also international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the International Organization for Migration, etc. Such positions are advertised at regular intervals and often include competitive selection procedures, where a significant portion of the relevant material is covered by the Department’s curriculum. 

Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs)
In the last two decades, the NGO sector has become significantly more active, with a number of organizations being created and many older ones being strengthened.

The graduates of the Department, as evidenced by the numbers of employees already in this field, are properly equipped with knowledge and skills to staff relevant bodies. Respectively, an important area of ​​absorption is the International Non-Profit Organizations, for example, giving the opportunity to work in a number of foreign countries, both in missions in the developing world and in their headquarters in Western countries. This direction is supported by the number of NGOs in which PSIR students can do internships during their studies.

Political Communication Agencies & Think Tanks
The science of communication incorporates important aspects of political science, making PSIR graduates suitable candidates for relevant positions. Several graduates of PSIR participate in political communication or wider communication departments, supporting communication campaigns of all kinds. Respectively, the graduates of the Department have all the necessary qualifications to strengthen the staff of Think Tanks.

Mass Media & Research Companies
 Graduates of the Department have joined the executive staff of the media, based on the skills of political analysis and data research, and synthesis of results.

Private sector companies
Graduates of the Department can staff a number of company departments such as the Departments of Strategy, Communication, and Corporate Social Responsibility, offering the understanding of complex issues such as planning, communication, volunteering, and Civil Society. At the same time, large and multinational companies operating in many countries can staff international market analysis departments with PSIR graduates, based on the need for a multi-prismatic analysis of the conditions prevailing in foreign markets, including the economic, political, and social environment. 

Consulting companies
The consulting services sector is a dynamic and growing sector of the economy, in Greece and abroad. Consulting companies provide specialized services that promote reorganization and improve the functioning of organizations, both private and public. Consulting companies are also involved in utilizing and managing the financial resources of the European Union’s structural programs. The sector is experiencing significant growth during the current period in Greece, with equally significant prospects for further growth in the next decade. 

International development assistance bodies
The International Development Assistance sector, a market with a variety of different types of bodies (consulting, government agencies, NGOs, etc.) and a turnover of $ 150 billion, is also an important sector looking for people with a professional profile similar to that of PSIR graduates. Our Department, based on both research / academic and professional experience in the field, focuses on this field, equipping our graduates with important relevant skills. At the same time, this direction is supported by the number of relevant companies in which PSIR students can do internships during their studies.

Another excellent prospect for the graduates of PSIR is the National School of Public Administration, in the competitions in which they can participate as their studies offer the required knowledge base. Graduates of the School of Public Administration enter positions of responsibility in all sectors of the public sector.

Finally, it is worth noting that the graduates of PSIR have even more expanded professional career opportunities as evidenced by examples of work in companies in the field of information technology and new technologies, tourism, and other dynamic sectors of the economy, etc.

PEDIS has a multilevel framework of support for its students and graduates regarding the exploration of professional career opportunities through information days and skills development programs in areas where they can be professionally active, skills development workshops, vocational guidance programs through cooperation with the Organization of Employment of Employees (OAED), the NGO The Tipping Point, etc. The department also actively participates in international academic networks, thus enabling its students to travel to conduct part of their studies or to carry out their internships, in foreign recognized institutions and bodies.

Indicative positions of experts on questions for next educational steps or professional career of PSIR graduates

Links of indicative work areas of PSIR graduates 

Jobs in International Organizations (includes open positions in the various UN agencies) (includes open positions in the various UN agencies) (includes open positions in the various UN agencies) (includes open positions in the various UN agencies) (includes open positions in the wider European Commission) (includes open positions in the wider European Commission) (includes open positions in selected European Union agencies) (includes open positions in selected European Union agencies) (includes volunteering opportunities under European Union initiatives) (includes open positions in the European Commission) (includes open positions in various international organizations within the European Union, emphasis on consulting firms and international NGOs) (includes open positions in the OECD)
Vacancies | Employment at FAO | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations    

Jobs in NonGovernmental Organizations (NGOs) (includes open positions in NGOs active in Greece) (includes open positions in NGOs and other bodies active in the field of humanitarian aid) (includes open positions in bodies focused on achieving a positive social and/or environmental impact)

Jobs in International Development Assistance Bodies (includes open positions in NGOs and other bodies active in the field of development assistance) (includes open positions in consulting firms focusing on development assistance) (includes open positions in bodies focused on development assistance)  (includes open positions in bodies focused on development assistance) (includes open positions in international organizations, NGOs, think tanks, and companies focused on achieving a positive social impact internationally) (includes a wealth of information on think tanks worldwide)

National School of Public Administration and Local Government

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Career Office – University of the Peloponnese
The Career office in collaboration with the Departmental Academic Coordinators, provides support and information to students and graduates for issues of Postgraduate Studies, Scholarships, Career planning, counselling on issues of curriculum vitae creation, cover letter and interview preparation, Psychological Support during their studies.

At the same time, it studies the academic and professional development of students and graduates through questionnaires which are available in the link

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