Why choose us

8 Reasons to choose PSIR

#1 Innovative curriculum.

The undergraduate program is the only one in Greece that combines the fields of political science and international relations.

#2 Interdisciplinarity.

The undergraduate program is characterized by interdisciplinarity unique to the Greek data, including courses in the fields of economics, law, computer science, history and cultural studies.

#3 Remarkable Professional Perspectives.

Graduates of the Department work, among others, in public bodies (Parliament, Ministries, Public Enterprises and Organizations, regional and local government, etc.), in the private sector (eg consulting companies), in research institutes, in non-profit organizations, in the media and in international organizations.

#4 Extroversion and connection with the labor market.

The Department has signed international Erasmus agreements with well-known universities abroad that allow student mobility in almost every European country.
It also organizes an internship program which enables dozens of students each year to gain paid work experience in a public or private institution whose activities are directly related to political science and international relations.

#5 High level of teaching.

All the professors of the Department have studied in well-known universities abroad (USA, Britain, France, Germany) and apply international teaching practices that combine lectures with seminars.
At the same time, they use complex assessment procedures that encourage student participation.
All courses are fully developed in the “electronic classroom”.

#6 Excellently equipped facilities and services.

The Department has facilities with fully equipped classrooms (computers, internet connection, means of projection and transmission of audiovisual content).
The Department also has a well-equipped computer lab with state-of-the-art MAC computers and PCs and a regularly and fully up-to-date Library.

#7 Research.

The Department is particularly dynamic in research with an emphasis on international presence.
Professors have published numerous scientific books and articles in international scientific journals.
They are also scientific leaders or participate in major research projects funded by international (such as the European Union) and Greek public and private bodies.

#8 Easy access from Athens.

Just 1 hour distance via Suburban Railway and Bus.