Why choose us

        8 Reasons to choose PSIR

#1 Innovative curriculum.

The undergraduate program is the only one in Greece that combines the fields of political science and international relations.

#2 Interdisciplinarity.

The undergraduate program is characterized by interdisciplinarity unique to the Greek data, including courses in the fields of economics, law, computer science, history and cultural studies.

#3 Remarkable Professional Perspectives.

Graduates of the Department work, among others, in public bodies (Parliament, Ministries, Public Enterprises and Organizations, regional and local government, etc.), in the private sector (eg consulting companies), in research institutes, in non-profit organizations, in the media and in international organizations.

#4 Extroversion and connection with the labor market.

The Department has signed international Erasmus agreements with well-known universities abroad that allow student mobility in almost every European country.
It also organizes an internship program which enables dozens of students each year to gain paid work experience in a public or private institution whose activities are directly related to political science and international relations.

#5 High level of teaching.

All the professors of the Department have studied in well-known universities abroad (USA, Britain, France, Germany) and apply international teaching practices that combine lectures with seminars.
At the same time, they use complex assessment procedures that encourage student participation.
All courses are fully developed in the “electronic classroom”.

#6 Excellently equipped facilities and services.

The Department has facilities with fully equipped classrooms (computers, internet connection, means of projection and transmission of audiovisual content).
The Department also has a well-equipped computer lab with state-of-the-art MAC computers and PCs and a regularly and fully up-to-date Library.

#7 Research.

The Department is particularly dynamic in research with an emphasis on international presence.
Professors have published numerous scientific books and articles in international scientific journals.
They are also scientific leaders or participate in major research projects funded by international (such as the European Union) and Greek public and private bodies.

#8 Easy access from Athens.

Just 1 hour distance via Suburban Railway and Bus.


Source: Municipality of Corinth, https://www.korinthos.gr/

                                                              Our students say…

“Four years ago, the procedure for selecting universities in the faculty selection list seemed an especially difficult issue. The selection of the Department of Political Sciences and International Relations facilitated a random search I did. The first element that got my attention was the interdisciplinary character of the modules, of political, international, economic and psychological interest. The second element that contributed to my selection was the research groups it offers, giving the opportunity to the students to get in touch with issues of original subject matter. I couldn’t omit the conferences and the workshops which the department has organised, on key current issues, by which I was pleasantly surprised!
Coming to the end of the 4rth year, I can tell you for sure that the department is more than that.  It consists of people who listen to the student’s opinion and finally, the specialized and accessible teaching staff, in combination with the active students, motivated me to improve not only in my academic career but also in everyday aspects of life! “,
Maria-Ioanna Chamntani.

“The University of Peloponnese has two Departments in Korinth, the department of Political Science & International Relations and the department of Social &Educational Policy. PSiR is the most recent department in our country in the field of International Relations and Political Science. The knowledge and experience, which every student receives is unique. The modules are very interesting. As far as job prospects are concerned, either at the Diplomatic Corps or at NGOs and International Institutes, PSiR, thanks to the modules and its professors, helps the students to meet the aforementioned bodies and to prepare for them. It is a unique Department!!!”, Nikolaos Diomis.

“When I first entered the department, I was not sure that I had made the best choice. However, within the first months, my experience at PSiR refuted this concern. Our department is highly organised, providing multifaceted and targeted knowledge. Most of the professors love their field very much and their knowledge is admirable. Except for the educational part, all the professors are there to help you in every step of yours, in every difficulty and offer you their valuable advice. I would like to stress the importance of being in a department with a small number of people which creates a fertile ground for socialization with the fellow students as well as the professors, allowing a “close monitoring” by the last as regards our progress. This ‘monitoring” and communication with the professors is something that you cannot easily find in a “chaotic” university. Therefore, I would unreservedly suggest our department to future students who are interested in this subject matter.”, Sofia Kakari.

“I chose the undergraduate program of studies of the department “Political Science and International Relations” because very interesting modules are included in the curriculum of the department, from a wide range of scientific  fields such as finance, law, public administration and local government modules, history and international relations modules, sociology and culture, modules related to the role of women in society in the past and nowadays, to the dispersion of the Greek element, with multiculturalism and interculturalism. During my study I found that the department is very well organised and is staffed by very experienced, remarkable and extremely accessible and supportive towards the student professors. Another reason that contributed to my selection is that I live in eastern Peloponnese and therefore I have easy access to the department for attendance of lessons.
Furthermore, I made this selection because I wanted to add a new specialization to my curriculum vitae, which would cover a wide and interesting range of knowledge for me. I was informed and urged for the selection of the Department of Political Science and International Relations by an ex Headteacher of a Secondary school and current hospital manager, who had just graduated from that department”,
Maria Karagkouni. 

“The Department of Political Science and International Relations (PSiR) of the University of Peloponnese is an important chapter of my life. Although in the past it was not so known to the general public, in the recent years it has started to become quite popular. One reason for which the students show their preference to it is that it is only one hour away from Athens. There are of course many other reasons for selecting this Department. It is not only the title of the degree which is awarded to the students but also the modules offered which open up new fields with which one can engage (either professionally or by continuing his/her studies). The professors, each with his/her own unique character, love their field and make sure they are constantly updated so that they continue their scientific research. The Department gives great emphasis to the dissemination of knowledge, a fact that is reflected in the multitude of activities it organises. The PSiR Conference, the Summer School, the lectures in the context of Civil Society etc. The students of PSiR are especially active having created different groups such as a Theatrical Group, a Rhetorical Group while their participation in competitions is worth mentioning. The programs of postgraduate study are equally interesting and offer in depth knowledge of their field. Finally, the fields of job prospects of the graduates of the Department meet even the highest expectations”, RN 3033201700065.