Student Welfare

Department of Student Affairs

A Department of Student Affairs based in Nauplio which is responsible for issues of student welfare concerning students operates in the University of the Peloponnese.  Information is posted on the website of the Department (  on issues of food services and housing, scholarships- awards, the housing benefit, athletic activities etc.

Food services

According to number F5/68535/Β3/18-6-2012 J.M.D. the terms, conditions and the procedures for the provision of free feeding to students of HEI are specified. In the beginning of every academic year a relevant announcement is posted by the Department of Student Affairs of the University of the Peloponnese which defines the procedures.

Housing Benefit

According to the FEK15/Α/28.1.2004, a benefit of 1.000 euros per year for families with low incomes is provided. On January of every year a relevant announcement by the Department of Student Affairs of the University of the Peloponnese which defines the procedures is posted.

Medical Care

The health booklets to uninsured students have been abolished since 01/09/2017, according to the number 171598 /Ζ1/12-10–2017 document of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religion (press here).

With the par. Of article 31 of law4452/2017(Α΄17) (press here) it is defined that: “The undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate students, who do not have another medical and hospital care, are entitled to complete medical and hospital care in the National Health System (N.H.S.) with coverage of the relevant costs by the National Organization for the Provision of Health Services (N.O.P.H.S.Ε.), by analogous application of article 33 of law 4368/2016 (Α΄83)”. By authorization of the article 33 of law 4368/2016(Α΄21) the number Α3(c)/CP/oik.25132/04-04-2016 (908, Β΄) J.M.D. titled “Arrangements to ensure the access of the uninsured to the Public Health System” was issued.

Issuing the European Health Insurance Card (Ε.H.I.C.) for the above-mentioned categories of students who move to countries of the European Union and the coverage of the costs which may arise, continues to take place by the services of the Institution, with the terms and conditions that apply.

More information at the Department of Student Affairs.

Contact details:

Address:  Department of Academic and Student Affairs of the University of the Peloponnese,
Department of Student Affairs, End of Retali Street, Aria Nafpliou, 21100
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