Students, undergraduate and postgraduate alike, are the heart and soul of any academic department, and the department of Political Science and International relations is no exception and honors this rule with pride.
This page is dedicated to information that is relevant to all PSIR students regardless of their level or programme of study.

Studies Advisor

The “Studies-Advisor” is a process dedicated to providing students with informal coaching regarding the academic environment and their studies. Students may contact a member of the faculty staff to discuss issues such as the choosing optional modules and specialization, or other issues related to his or her studies.

The allocation of students to advisors is available here.

Student representatives

The role of the student representatives is to represent student matters in the boards of study, namely the general assemblies of the dept. In this context student representatives are also responsible for informing the students on the general assembly’s decisions regarding student matters.
Student representatives are obliged to inform the general assembly in order for a point to be included in the meeting’s agenda, in accordance with the relevant departmental procedures.
Students are encouraged to, and should get in touch with their representatives for more information.

Undergraduate Student Representatives

This information is available here

Postgraduate Student Representatives

This information is being updated and will be available soon