Postgraduate Studies

Master’s Degrees

Master of Arts (MA) in “Mediterranean Studies” (in English)

In collaboration with the Universities of Bologna (Italy), Inalco (France), Yaşar (Turkey), Olympia Summer Academy (Greece) and Neapolis Pafos (Cyprus)

The aim of the MA in Mediterranean Studies is to promote research in the political and socio-economical developments in the Mediterranean region and to provide expert education to its students in this field.

Courses are taught in English.

Students’ opinions about MA in Mediterranean Studies


Duration: 12 Months

Master of Arts (MA) in Governance and Public Policies (In Greek)

The aim of this Master’s Programme is to create and provide the knowledge, know-how and instruments in the field of Governance and Public Policies. The Master’s programme aims to provide students with a thorough theoretical background and expertise they may actually incorporate in their career development, as well as allowing them to contribute actively in the national economic and social development in the current international and European settings.

It leads to a MA degree in “Governance and Public Policies”.

Duration: 12 Months

Master of Arts (MA) in Global Political Economy (In Greek)

Joint Masters degree with the Department of Economic Science, Neapolis University Pafos (Cyprus)

In these historical and challenging times the University of Peloponnese and the Neapolis University, Pafos (Cyprus) have joint forces. Extroversion, cooperation and investment in knowledge form the proper crisis response and the pave the way towards development. This is a unique and innovative collaboration; the first of its kind.

The joint MA degree in Global Political Economy offer the following specializations:

  1. International Entrepreneurship
  2. International Security
  3. International Development

Duration: 12 Months

Master of Arts (MA) in Global Risks and Analytics (In Greek)

This interdisciplinary MA focuses on internationally recognized and integrated approaches to risk management and threat management, which are among the most powerful modern trends in the study and perception of global phenomena in the sphere of international relations, politics and the economy.

It leads to a MA degree in “Global Risks and Analytics”

Duration: 12 Months


Master of Arts (MA) in Local and Regional Administration and Local Government (In Greek)

This Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme through the parallel operation of courses in the cities of Athens, Piraeus, Corinth, Thessaloniki and Komotini aims at the provision of high quality knowledge, skills, scientific training and specialization in the field of Local and Regional Administration and Local Government.

It leads to a MA degree in “Local and Regional Administration and Local Government”.

Duration: 12 Months