Visiting Researcher Fellowships and Post-doctoral Research

The Department of Political Science and International Relations welcomes young scientists, holders of a PhD (or equivalent) degree in Political Science, International Relations or related fields to apply for a Visiting Researcher Fellow, postdoctoral position in our department.

Departmental Status and Privileges: Visiting research fellows are given full access to the services, equipment and infrastructure of the University. As part of this affiliation they are provided with an institutional email account, access to the library and extended digital library content and unrestricted access to the departmental computing facilities.

These visiting scholars are welcomed as active members of the research and teaching community at PSIR and they are given special mention in the departmental website. They are expected to actively participate in the academic process by delivering at least one seminar in the undergraduate or postgraduate curricula.

Duration: 12 calendar months, or more if this is deemed necessary for completing the proposed research.

Compensation: The university or the department do not offer any form of monetary compensation.  However any efforts of the scholars to attract funding will be given scientific scientific support by the resident faculty members.

Visiting Research Fellows

Reymond Petrides

Dr. Raymond Petrides received his PhD in Philosophy and Social sciences from the New School University, New York. His research proposal is focused on:”Political and Strategic findings of P. Kondylis’s and C. Schmitt’s thought and their appropriation in the context of outlining a comprehensive normative framework of Greece’s foreign policy in a ‘state of exception’ period”.

Vasiliki Petsa

With a scholarship from the IKY-State Scholarships Foundation (Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning Program – Enhancement of post-doctoral researchers.
Duration of scholarship / research: 2017-2019)

Supervisor: Vasiliki Lalagianni

Dr. Vasiliki Petsa is a PhD holder in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Peloponnese. Her research will explore intercultural and identity issues in the travel narrations of recent Greek film production in the light of the “street movie”.

Nikolaos Papanastasopoulos

Dr. Nikolaos Papanastasopoulos is a PhD holder in International Politics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. His research proposal focuses on  decision-making and crisis management in Greek foreign and defense policy, enriching its view with the approach of “neo-realist constructivism.

Visiting Researchers 2015 – 2016

George Archontas

Dr. George Archontas received his PhD in Political Philosophy from the Panteion University of Political and Social Sciences. His research is titled: “The problem of designing and implementing institutional reforms that allow the emergence and sustainable functioning of mechanisms of spontaneous order in civil societies where such mechanisms are absent or inadequate, in the context of  Hayekian political agenda”.

George Maris

Dr. George Maris is a PhD holder in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Peloponnese. His research focuses on : “Democratic legitimacy in the European Union during the crisis”.

Dimitrios Vortelinos

Dr. Dimitrios Vortelinos received his PhD in Economics from the University of Peloponnese. His research topic is: “Links of political risk and corruption in Greece”.

Mariza Georgalou

Dr. Mariza Georgalou holds a PhD in Linguistics, from the University of Lancaster. Her research is on: “Brain Drain and Social Media”.

Panos Koliastasis

Dr. Panos Koliastasis received his PhD in Political Science, from the Queen Mary University of London. His research is titled: “Factors shaping electoral behaviour in electing party leadership: the cases of PASOK in 2007 and New Democracy in 2009”.

Reymond Petrides

Dr. Raymond Petrides received his PhD in Philosophy and Social sciences from the New School University, New York. His research proposal is focused on: The concepts of the ” Political Power” and “adaptation mechanism” in the work of P. Kondylis, and the use of their thematic analysis in the context of developing a national strategy”.

Fotini Papoudaki

Dr. Fotini Papoudaki holds a PhD from the Law Faculty of the University of Edimburgh. Her research focuses on: “Changing Greece: success stories of a society in crisis”.

Visiting Researchers 2014 – 2015

Alexandros Xenakis

Dr. Xenakis Alexander is a PhD holder in Philosophy from the Edinburgh Napier University. His research was focused on: “Monitoring and Assessment of existing election observation methodologies and evaluation of e-voting electoral systems”.

Anestis Papadopoulos

Dr. Anestis Papadopoulos received his PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research analysis was on: “Evaluation of the influence of the International Competition Network in shaping international competition rules”.

George Ioannides

Dr. Ioannides George holds a PhD in Economics, from the University of Crete. His research was focused on: “Evaluation of alternative economic and social development indicators for the Greek economy in the period 1974-2014”.

Iosif Plimakis

Dr. Joseph Plimakis is a PhD holder in Political Science and Public Administration from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. His research was focused on “Strategic planning in Greek local authorities: formal compliance or a long lasting reform?”.

Konstantinos Economou

Dr. Konstantinos Economou holds a PhD in Geography, Society and Economy Sector from the University of Cambridge. His research topic was “Study of the development and transformation of Greek enterprises using advanced statistical methods”.

Nikolaos Lymouris

Dr. Nikolaos Lymoyris received his PhD in European Governance from the Panteion University of Political and Social Sciences. Through his research he analysed the “Extremist and Radical Right parties in Greece since 1974”.

Christos Gionis

Dr. Christos Gionis received his PhD in International Law from the Democritus University of Thrace. His research was titled: “Validation of the theory of fiscal federalism: the case of the European Union”.


Visiting Researchers 2013 – 2014

Jennifer Clarke

Dr Jennifer Clarke received her PhD from the University of Kent at Canterbury. Her thesis title was “The education and training role of Refugee Community Organisations” and has professional experience of working with a number of NGOs in Greece and abroad. She has published in international journals and is a permanent resident of Greece. Her research is on studying the organised civil society in Greece.

Constantinos Economou

Dr Constantinos Economou holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge. His thesis title was “A Study on Small Business Growth: Evidence and models from Greece”. Dr. Economou has taught in the University of Athens, the University of Central Greece and the Hellenic Open University and has also worked as a researcher in the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ΕΛΙΑΜΕΠ). He has published widely. His research proposal is about the development and change of greek companies with the use of advanced statistical methods.

Maria Gianniou

Dr Maria Gianniou holds a Doctorate from the university of Sorbonne (Paris III, Sorbonne Nouvelle). She has worked at the Hellenic Center for European Studies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Office of the General Secretary for European Affairs). She has also at the European Parliament, after obtaining the Robert Schuman scholarship, and has a significant publication record. Her research is about Parliamentary Diplomacy focusing on EU policies in the Middle East.

Manto Lampropoulou

Dr Manto Lampropoulou holds a PhD from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Athens. Her PhD thesis was titled “Public Sector transformations: Privatization, Public Utility and Citizens.” Here research interests converge in the areas of public policy analysis, governance, privatization, public interest, and state-citizen relations. She is a graduate of the National School for Public Administration and she works for the Ministry of Interior since 2005. her research is about Public Sector Reforms in the current setting of economic crisis in Greece.

Vassilios Sitaras

Vassilios Sitaras received his Ph.D with distinction from Athens University/Department of Political Science (2012). His PhD Thesis studied the evolution of Britain’s nuclear deterrence policy during the Cold War (1945-1968). He is currently focusing on energy security and, as such, he is a frequent contributor to Foreign Affairs (Hellenic Edition). As an alumnus of the Greek National School of Public Administration, he has been serving in the Hellenic MFA since 2003. Currently posted in Baku, he maintains close links with Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy University (having also graduarted from its Energy School in July 2014). His research proposal deals with the bilateral energy cooperation between Russia and China, through the proposed natural gas pipelines Altai (Western route) & Power of Siberia (Eastern route).