Anne Karakatsouli

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Department of Theatrical Studies, University of Athens
Expertise: European and Greek History
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Short biographical note

Anne Karakatsouli is Assistant Professor at the Theatre Studies Department of the University of Athens. She studied European History and Culture in Athens, Strasbourg and Paris. She has been an Expert Associate in the project of new edition of the History of Humankind by UNESCO (Paris) and Vice-director at the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation (Athens). Her research interests focus on intellectual history in modern and contemporary Europe, history of colonialism and the study of networks, contacts and transfer of ideas. Her most recent publication concerns the Philhellenes who took part as freedom fighters in the Greek War of Independence in a transnational approach (Pedio, 2016). She has also published a study on Greek book history and Hestia booksellers and publishers from 1885 to 2010 (Oi Ekdoseis ton Synadelfon, 2011). She has been a member of the Committee for the State Literary Awards from 2011 to 2015. Translator of several scholarly books, she speaks English, French, German and Russian.

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Degree Programmes:
MA in International Relations & Governance, MA in Mediterranean Studies

Academic years:
2012-2013, 2015-2016, 2016-2017